Our Web Site Refresh

Late summer felt like the right time to revisit our Web site design and determine what was working and what could be improved. We think the overall structure, look and feel of the site still work very well. That said, we’ve spent the past few months gathering project photos to incorporate more, larger images, and we’ve given our blog a substantial facelift. And of course we’ve taken this opportunity to update the site with all of our recently completed projects, as well as new ones in progress. We hope you take the time to click around and view our most recent work.

In particular, we have recently completed our second project on Morgan Cove in Port Royal. The client’s vision of a “jewel box” required exacting attention to every detail and material choice, executed flawlessly. Such precise work requires great collaboration, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team than general contractor Dave Rogers with Newbury North Associates, interior designer Cate Caruso from Studio C, and landscape architect Koby Kirwin.



The site has many photos of this project from conception to completion.

We’re also excited to have recently broken ground on another project with Newbury North: Gordon River II, which sits on a beautiful site with views to the mangroves on Keewaydin Island.  Stay tuned to the site for updates.


MJL Architect began their dream over 20 years ago and have remained strongly focused on maintaining true artistic integrity by collaborating, designing, and bringing to fruition the highest level of design for their clients.

The Space In Between

Residual Space

MJLA challenges the conventional idea of the residence as one building and conceptually pulls it apart making it unique as well as site and client specific;  resulting in a new, more dynamic home site with multiple, faceted buildings collected to bring meaning to typically neglected space.  Utilizing residual space, or the spaces in between, for programmatic components such as entry, light transfer, circulation, and garden is how this is realized. This both creates and places transitions in between areas of a home that at one point could have been bland, block-like, and very front-to-back. Instead, these areas are seen as opportunities.

The choice of materials strengthens the seamless perception of the space between, thus making the interior and exterior residual spaces an integral part of the residence.  Taking these residual spaces and giving them life, transforms the residence into a much more open, place to place, room to room feeling that is evoked while living, walking through, and simply being a part of a home environment.

Architect’s Statement

There are alternatives to the dominant trend of Interior Design and Architecture that could add significant value to the profession.  These alternatives are an attempt to redefine an attitude that re-engages one into the process of design. We feel this attitude has been lost and become more about “building” VS “designing.”  It is our ambition to educate people on this premise and bring back the sense of professionalism that has been lacking over the past decade. Our intention is not to reinvent but rather re-establish an attitude in South Florida that is both eminent and relevant.