MJLA Designs a Prototype Zero Energy Project

In each project it undertakes, Mark J. Leonardi Architect strives to incorporate creative, ecologically savvy components. Recently, we took our energy-conscious ideals a step further, developing a prototype of a Zero Energy Home. Our goal was to demonstrate that it’s possible to create a net zero, sustainable house design with the aesthetics and livability expected by those in the residential market of Naples.

Zero-Energy-Home-View I
Designed for a typical lot in the Downtown section of Olde Naples, this new home design features net zero energy consumption through the use of geothermal heating and cooling for both the residence and pool, photovoltaic energy production, solar hot water and energy recovery technologies. Additional features include rainwater collection cisterns for irrigation, xeriscape plantings, reclaimed and sustainable materials, as well as state-of-the-art insulation and ventilation systems.

Layout 1ZEH-View II

This single family home exemplifies a flexible, current approach to living by combining everyday functions such as living, dining, office and media spaces. Dividing elements, such as bi-fold or pivoting doors, can transform smaller spaces into larger gathering areas, and connect indoors to outdoors – as shown above between the master bedroom (7) and the terrace/pool (15/16) area. Overall, this residence is a performance-oriented building taking into consideration function, livability, and aesthetics.

Although only conceptual at this time, this prototype serves as a example for future sustainable, residential projects within the area, demonstrating what is possible with in the confines – and expectations – of the Naples community.

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